January 28, 2012

this kid

He's been sick for the past two days! :( 
(these pictures were taken a few days ago when we were on a walk and he wasn't sick..)
But even though he's been sick and sleeping SO much, he's been so cute lately. He's grown up so much and really gets so many things now. He babbles all the time; he hasn't said any real words yet which kind of surprises me, but when he babbles, you can tell that he really thinks he talking. haha
He claps his hands...a new thing for him :) I think it's adorable! And he makes the same sound when we get him from his crib or when we turn the corner and come into his view. It's a high pitched sound that kind of sounds like he's saying "hi," although I don't really think he is.
He still dances whenever he hears any sort of beat.
He LOVES books. He will sit on the floor and "read" them to himself.
He loves that ball.
He loves all animals and tries to imitate the sound they make when he seems them. In real life, or in pictures in his books too.
He's just been melting my heart lately. (I guess he always does) and I just want him to get better! There's nothing sadder than a sick coughing baby!


  1. So sorry he's sick, Lu. :( Give him a kiss for me. I sure miss him!

  2. What a cutie in that onesie :) He is adorable. So sorry he's not feeling well. That's no fun! Hope he gets better soon.

  3. He is a cutie! I hope he is better soon.

  4. I just LOVE your photos!! I wish the ones on my website looked like that..well, I never said I was a professional photographer! Anyway, I'm inspired to take a course...one of these days!!