February 20, 2012

for sale: Canon Rebel Xsi: SOLD

I'm selling my camera! This Rebel Xsi has been very good to me but I'm ready to upgrade now. You can see pictures I've taken with this camera and lens on my photography blog here

price: $325 sold!
(add $10 if needs to be shipped in the US)

EOS Rebel Xsi camera body
EF-S 80-200 mm zoom lens f/4.5
Wide camera strap
battery charger
2 battery packs LP-E5
video cable
software CD-ROM
instruction manual

I'll be listing it on Craigslist and ebay too. It's priced to sell! I just thought I'd list it here first in case any of my friends wanted to buy it :)

email me! allred.lauren {at} gmail {dot} com


  1. Lauren,
    Don't sell it til you talk to me!

  2. Seriously, Lauren, Lissie and I want to buy it!

  3. sweet!! i didn't think you would want to buy it but you're the person I want to sell it to the most :)