February 18, 2012

ducks and dandelions

Cole is obsessed with both. And those little round poky things that fall from the trees. I have no idea what they are! But what you can't see in the pictures above is that when he tried to put them in his mouth, I sternly told him "no!" and he cried so hard, like I had hurt his feelings. I probably did but I thought it better than for him to accidentally swallow one of those things. yikes :/
And we saw probably no less than 20 ducks. The two pictured above were the only ones, though, that decided to cross the path after we had walked past. They got so close to us; I was surprised they weren't more scared of us! Every time Cole saw a duck he would make some animal noise. It's the same noise he makes no matter what kind of animal he sees haha. And it kind of sounds like a dog barking. hehe
On our walk yesterday, a family walked by and saw me taking pictures of Cole and so the mom offered to take our family picture and so I said Why not?! :) I thought it was super nice of her.

In other news, Cole has given me a black eye by chucking my brick of a phone right in my face the other day. So I look like Quasimoto and I'm actually surprised you can't tell in the family picture of us. Maybe I'll take a close-up picture of it and share it on here. And tell the story of how bad it hurt and how hard I cried and how Cole just laughed because he thought I was playing around. Wait, that is the whole story haha :) And now I have a black eye, something I've never had before.
One more thing: I had a girls night last night and got to go see the movie "The Vow" which I loved and thought was so cute :) I was probably most excited since I hadn't been to a movie since before Cole was born. Crazy!

Happy weekend to everyone! It just a rainy, quiet day over here!


  1. Ooh, I'm so glad you went and saw "The Vow" :) I loved it too!! And you poor thing - can't believe you actually got a black eye! Haha. I'm so sorry!! And those pictures are so pretty and relaxing :) Love your family walks.

  2. Nice pictures, Lauren. I especially like the water in the first duck picture. It looks like that opaque glass they use over here sometimes when they don't want a clear window, but still want the light to shine in. And I'm sorry you have a black eye. I need to see a close up!

  3. your poor eye! that must have hurt so bad. the movie was great! it was so fun to see it with everyone. and what is it with those pokey things? max and drew both want to eat them too!

  4. That's so awesome that you can go on so many family walks this time of year! You get lots of awesome pictures out of them. :) It's way too cold for family walks up here in WA, in my wimpy opinion. haha And I'm sorry to hear about your black eye! That's no fun!