February 16, 2012


We took a walk at sunset yesterday and it was a perfectly beautiful evening! As I suspected, this spot that I walk by every time I go to the trails by our house is perfect for silhouette pictures at sunset. So, we had fun with the silhouettes :)
As we walked and as I took pictures, Steve talked to me about what he learned in school today: that there are two types of exercise; the walking kind and the running kind. 
Steve found a branch to do pull-ups on and then when Cole showed interest, he showed him how to do it too. haha I think Cole wants to be just like his daddy :)
And then on the way home, Cole watched as his dad threw rocks into the canal which made the ducks startle and fly two feet away to another cozy spot in the water. It probably wasn't very nice but it was entertaining to watch ;)

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