January 25, 2012

lots of kiwis

I know we're already about a month in, but with the new year has come new ideas for this family's eating habits. And that main idea is to eat healthier. I bought a big thing of kiwis and I try to eat one at least once a day. Sometimes I feel like eating them and sometimes I don't :/

Steve and I already eat a big salad before dinner and we've been pretty good about it since we made the goal to do it last year. It's actually not as hard to do as I thought it would be. It makes meal planning way easier for me since I know that we will always have a salad. I never have to come up with any other side dishes! And surprisingly eating a really big salad (I mean really big) before we have the main course really fills you up; sometimes we don't even feel like having it!
Next step is to get rid of dressing. I try not to dump it on because I know dressing is not good for you. It kind of defeats the purpose, but I can't get myself to eat salad without it yet. It makes me feel like I'm eating grass. Gross.

One thing that I want to start this year is for us to have green smoothies everyday. We're more hesitant to start doing this because it just sounds like a huge MESS. And I need a Vitamix. I'm not sure that our magic bullet is going to cut it on this one!
Any healthy food tips for me?! :)


  1. Wow. You guys are awesome! I don't think I could ever eat a salad without dressing. That's a good goal though :) Maybe I'll implement your dinner agenda though :) I like it!

  2. Sometimes if you have a little rucola or other herb mixed into the salad, there is already such a nice flavor that you really don't need dressing. I like it that way.
    And I think I could eat a kiwi every day!

  3. As far as produce goes, find what you like and buy a lot of it! We keep baby carrots and apples on hand almost 24/7 because we KNOW that's something that at least 2 of our 3 kids will eat. For lunch I like to eat baby carrots, black olives, and celery sticks with ranch. I have to pair the celery with dressing, otherwise it's like eating crunchy, stringy water. But I usually make sure I eat TONS of those raw veggies with the little bit of ranch, so I can convince myself that it cancels out. ;) As far as smoothies go, I use a $60-dollar food processor....now, I would love a Vitamix or Blendtec. But it works. So I use it. I like to blend an entire half-gallon picture of smoothie (usually banana, berries, tons of spinach, and a little water) at a time, then divide individual portions into plastic baggies and freeze them. Then each morning I thaw it (usually just stick the zipped-up baggie in a cup of hot water for a few) and drink one a day. Holy cow, long comment....sorry.

  4. *pitcher, not picture....hahahha! You can tell I'm an auditory writer. ;)