January 16, 2012

hoodie + flag football

Today on MLK day, Cole and I dropped Steve off to play flag football with some buddies and then we went off to do a little photoshoot! (Cole's favorite thing ever) I wanted to get some shots of him wearing that adorable hoodie that Meredith made for him for his birthday before he grows out of it. Because now that Cole is eating loooots of solids (and still nursing too) he's growing super super fast and growing out of everything!
This hoodie called for its own photoshoot though, because my friend Meredith measured him the night before his birthday party, and the next day she had already sewed him the hoodie! Amazing right? I thought so. Thank you Meredith! That was so sweet of you!
Also, I liked the location I picked out (Cole liked the gravel). I love all the freeways here and I'm excited to use this spot in a future photoshoot :)

After our photoshoot, Steve called from his flag football game telling us he'd injured his knee and needed to be picked up. He's not sure exactly what happened, he just landed funny and now he's in a lot of pain and crippled. :( Hopefully it will get better soon!! I feel bad for him. He's even taking ibuprofen and he hates medicine. haha

And before I go, I wanted to say that Cole is finally sleeping normally!! YAY! Life is SO much better when your baby sleeps :)


  1. That hoodie is so adorable!! And Cole's hair is getting so long! Maddy still doesnt have hardly any hair! haha. And I'm sorry to hear about Steve :( I hope his knee heals up quickly!

  2. Cute pics. He looks so big in that first picture that I didn't think it was him!

  3. Cute! I love the way gravel photographs... :) And Cole is adorable in that first picture!

  4. Yes, that hoody is amazing! I love it. And poor Steve! I hope it's nothing serious.

  5. you're so cute lauren. and cole is a great little model!!

  6. a few things...
    - a homemade hoodie!! what an awesome friend :) and what a cute boy who gets to wear it!
    - I think it's awesome that you're still nursing...I was only able to nurse Brooks for about 4 months, and I pray I can go much longer with this next one!
    - Coles EYES!! seriously gorgeous :)
    - hope Steve's knee recovers quickly!