January 10, 2012

back to real life (and mini apple pies)

I shared these pictures of the mini apple pies that I made with Steve's mom on the second to last night that we were in Washington on Notes She Wrote today. Silly me, it wasn't until after I posted it and people started asking about the recipe that I thought I should probably share that too along with the pictures. Haha.

Anyway, she was so sweet and sent me the recipe which you can find here!

Now that we are home from Washington, we are back to real life after three weeks of vacay! Cole is still adjusting to being back in Texas. Overall, he is sleeping better than when we were in Washington, BUT his sleeping habits are still way out of whack and it's about to drive me crazy. He won't fall asleep in his crib or take any naps and I'm not getting anything done! We have a "protocol" (as Steve calls it) when we put him to sleep. We lay him down. He cries. We let him cry for 15 minutes. Then we go in and comfort him. He cries for another 15 minutes. We go back in and comfort him. And it goes like this for HOURS it seems. We just want him to sleep in his crib and take naps! Like he used to!!

Here's to hoping that we get it all figured out sooner than later. :(


  1. Oh no :( I'm so so sorry! He'll get the hang of it again... it's only been a couple of days. Wish I could come over and let you have a break. Maybe he just misses Annabelle so much. Yeah, pretty sure that's it.
    Add this step to your protocol: show Cole picture of Annabelle during each comfort session.


  2. Why don't you throw in a picture of my kids, too. That will definitely do the trick! :) I hope he gets sleeping better soon!

  3. why didn't I think of that before?! yes, I totally need to just show him pictures of his cousins and I'm sure he'll fall right to sleep!! heehee ;)
    Actually, today he did a lot better so I guess I'm not gonna go crazy just yet. :)