December 21, 2011

Happy first birthday, Cole!

Today was Cole's actual first birthday!
And as promised, here are pictures from his second first birthday party :)
Gran Yvonne and Uncle Ben made those adorable cupcakes; they're circus animals (animal crackers) in their cages! I thought they were clever!

Cole especially liked the accordion that Gran Yvonne played for him as we sang him Happy Birthday. He would dance to the music which was completely adorable :)
The minute we gave him that cupcake to eat though, he started bawling. AGAIN! hahaha. I have no idea what the deal was. I think he didn't like the sticky frosting?! Or something. Anyway, he didn't even have a nibble of that cupcake. 
He got quite a bit of attention though. All. day. long. ;)

I know all moms say this, but I really can't believe that it's been an entire year already! It's been such a wonderful year. Probably the best of my entire life. Cole brings so much happiness to our lives. We are so thankful for him. It was so fun to celebrate his one year of life and birth today. For the second time ;)

Happy Birthday munchkin! We love you so much!

And here are the two birthday videos!


  1. Looks like another great birthday party!

  2. Hey, we tried to call yesterday to sing to the birthday boy!

  3. oh so fun!! those cupcakes are beyond adorable :) Nice work Ben & Yvonne! And i loved how in the second video I could hear Yvonne playing the accordion! Cole is such a little stud muffin :) his cry is even cute! :)