December 27, 2011

Best Christmas EVER!!

This Christmas has been planned for the past year! We were so lucky to be able to be together as a family for Christmas this year. Will's family, (Marie's in-laws) were so generous to let us spend the holiday weekend at their lake house here in Washington.
We had a blast. Not only was the house we stayed in absolutely amazing (indoor pool!!), but it was so fun to see my mom and dad, brothers and sisters again after a very long time. I hadn't seen my brothers since my wedding!

We got some cute pictures of the grandparents with their FIVE grandchilden. Craziness.
We ate nutella for breakfast and lunch everyday (well, at least I did).
My mom and my sisters made the most wonderful meals every night and I even helped make Jesus' birthday cake! :)

My favorite, though, was how Cole wasn't really all that interested in the toys he got from Santa (bath toys and a mini foam football). He thought that the box full of packing peanuts from someone's else gift was much more interesting!! That's what he played with/in allllll morning! I guess Santa will know for next year ;)

It was so sad when our little weekend ended and we had to say goodbye to my mom, dad, Christian, Lissie and Bryant. *tear* I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! :)


  1. Maybe you should crop me and Dad out of the first picture. The Grands all look so cute. Such wonderful memories.

  2. These pictures are so beautiful! Your family looks so happy. -Melody

  3. Mom, you and dad look perfect in that first photo!! :)
    And Lauren, I lovelovelove this post.
    Will you email me that picture of Marie with A and C?