December 17, 2011

Cole's first birthday party!!

We had SOO much fun today at Cole's birthday party! Thanks to everyone that came!
I took about a million pictures. Yep. Just about.
And here they are! This isn't all of them, but I thought this would be enough. For now :)

It was so fun to watch Cole destroy that cupcake. He ate hardly any of it. He didn't really know what to do with it since it was the first time I'd ever given him anything like that to eat. So he played with it a bit, while everyone watched...and when he FINALLY took that first little nibble, his audience cheered and clapped for him! The sudden noise scared him, so he started bawling. haha. Classic.
He also didn't crack a smile once. I think all the newness was throwing him off!

After "eating" his cupcake, we opened presents!!
When he pulled the little foam basketball out of the gift bag from his mom&dad, he got all wide-eyed and held it up in the air! He was so excited to get a ball! It was adorable :)
My friend Alise made that adorable tie for him and my friend Meredith made that adorable hoodie! Thank you to everyone who got him presents! It was so sweet of you guys :)

Now, we are off to Washington on Monday, and Tuesday is Cole's actual birthday...and I have a feeling there will be another party while we are there. So, more birthday pictures to come!! 


  1. My sister and I both love those cupcakes! Too cute! Happy birthday to Cole!

  2. Oh, happy first birthday party to Cole!! I love those cupcakes. Everything looks fabulous!

  3. Those cupcakes are adorable! Cole is adorable! Happy Birthday Cole!!! (And I cant believe your friend made that hoodie! Wow. She is so talented)So cute!

  4. Looks like a wonderful party. Happy 1st Birthday, Cole!

  5. soooooooooooo cuuuuteee! :D and you´re a good photographer ;)

  6. Those cupcakes are so super adorable, Lu! Great job. And I love those balloons hanging in the background - soooo cute. And Annabelle hardly smiled on her birthday either. Haha! I think all the attention from so many people at once is just so new to them.
    Happy Birthday, Cole! Can't wait for the joint party on Thursday!!! :)

  7. and another fun party for your little man!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE! i loved the photos of him digging into his cupcake...the messier the better :) And all the fun details you did for the party, Lauren, loved it all!

  8. happy birthday cole!! (where did that year go?!)

    your pics are amazing, your baby (ahem.. boy) is adorable, and all of your party decor is fabulous!