November 17, 2011

Fall Colors

Thursday evening. Steve's at work. Boo.
At 5 pm, after spending the entire day in the house and after helping my friend with her kids' homework, I decided Cole and I needed to get out.

So there I was, trying to get my creative on, with my camera's ISO cranked up to 1600 because the light was quickly dwindling. Sometimes I hate daylight savings. By the time I thought to get a picture of my trusty companion, (Cole, of course) it was too late! My camera refused to focus.

But the pictures above are what I have to show of our little walk. While the rest of the world is practically well into winter (ok, not really), Texas is just now showing signs of fall! The leaves just barely started changing colors like last week! I love fall colors :)

ps, tomorrow my new lens is supposed to come in the mail! YAY! I'm so excited about it :)


  1. You got a new lens? I didn't know that!! How exciting. Is it your bday present? And Lu, these pictures are gorgeous!! I love 'em. You're so good at photography. Seriously. Love those puddle ones especially!

  2. What camera do you have? How did you get rid of the noise? (My camera is pretty noisy at 1600 ISO)

    And what lens are you getting? Do tell!

    Beautiful pics!

  3. I am so excited for you about your new lens, and I know exactly how you are feeling! I am giddy with anticipation whenever I order something new that's photography related. :)

    And pretty pictures! I like how you love to take pictures of everything. I never think to take landscape pictures. I think I'm strictly a people photographer. :)

  4. Those trees are beautiful! It reminds me of the mountains in Utah!

  5. my goodness look like a gorgeous walk you two enjoyed! Each photo is stunning :) And yay for you new lens!!

  6. Looks like a fun adventure. The one with the flag is my favorite!