November 21, 2011

Highlights from the weekend

*Munchkin turned 11 months yesterday!!!
He's grown up so much in the past month.
He can sit himself up, got 6 teeth, crawls super fast, pulls himself up on furniture.
He's turning into a toddler!

*My new lens is HERE!!!! 
And it allows me to get up nice and close and personal! Today I was testing out the lens on Cole and I was so thrilled to finally be able to get some shots of his teeth that have come in! Aren't they cute? Can you tell they're kind of crooked?
My next challenge will be to get a picture of the 4 teeth on top. That's a whole nother story!
And do you see that ball in the background in the third picture? Well, Cole chases it around the house all day long. He loves that thing. :)
Anyway, I'm super excited to see what all I'll be able to do with this new lens.

*Christmas decorating.
That's right, we put up the Christmas decor before Thanksgiving! *gasp* I actually like to leave it all up until well into February. We're silly like that ;)


  1. Ahhhhh! I cannot WAIT to hold that little man! He is so so so SO CUTE! And I love his little teeth! What a handsome little man. And those eye lashes? So dreamy. He is adorable.
    Love that last picture!! I need to take a pic like that of Annabelle for our Christmas card! I love it!!!

  2. He is one gorgeous little boy! I love imagining him chasing that ball and crawling all over the place. Can't wait to see him in action! xoxo

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who wants to keep Christmas decorations around for months! 6 weeks is not long enough! :)

  4. He has such beautiful blue eyes! And those pictures turned out well, so your lens (or the photographer) must be really good!

  5. Your little one is SOOO cute! What kind of lens is that? It looks like maybe a 50mm. Either way, congrats, it's taking great photos. Well YOU are taking great photos, but the lens helps too :)

  6. oh those shots of Cole are ADORABLE!! i could eat him up! :) Nice work with your new lens :) And wahoo for putting up Christmas decor! I'm all about bringing in the Christmas spirit a little before Thanksgiving...doesn't get much better than mixing those two holidays :)

  7. Looks like a fun weekend. Glad I finally got to see those little teeth! And good job with the new lens. I'll look forward to seeing more close-up shots!