October 31, 2011

My 25th birthday!!

I'm putting this video up on the sisters blog tomorrow, but I wanted to put it up here too!
I documented a little bit of what I did on my birthday and put this little video together.

What I didn't include was the beautiful journal entry Steve wrote for me in the journal that he proposed to me with. Once a year he updates it and he decided to do it on my birthday this year :) I loved it; it made me tear up! Steve is such a good writer and he's always been so thoughtful and loving :)

He also surprised me with Johnny Carino's take-out. YUM! My favorite. 
We weren't able to go out to eat since we went to the football game. It'd been SO long since we'd been to a football game!
And thank you SO much, Britt for watching Cole for us so last minute!
Britt has always been so sweet and giving. She amazes me. Thank you so much!!

Here are a couple more pictures from the football game:

Thank you to all my friends and family who got me gifts and wished me Happy Birthday. I felt super loved!
Now, I'm excited to go on a shopping spree with the money Steve's family gave me (YAY! Thank you!) with Steve since he still hasn't spent his birthday money. This should be fun. :)

Ps, Mom! (and Dad and Lissie and Christian and Bryant) I LOVE my shirt and scarf soooo much. :) In case you didn't notice, I wore the scarf as part of my Taylor Swift costume!


  1. I LOVE that video, Lu!! So cute! I'm so glad you had a special 25th birthday! (Did you get the phone message from Will and me?) I can't wait to celebrate more when you come up in December!

  2. Love love loved that video, Lu! Sooo cute. Happy Birthday again! So glad it was such a hit! Love you.

  3. You are the cutest thing ever! Your hubs is such a sweetheart too... No wonder you have a such a beautiful baby boy - he clearly was made with so much love! :)

  4. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!! loved the little video :) CUTE BOOTS! and what a cute little boy you have...crawling around the library. loved it :)

    sounds like you had a fantastic day :) and how fun that you & steve can go shopping for some more goodies together! xoxo

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments and birthday wishes guys!! you totally make my day :)