November 11, 2011

Random list of recent happenings

*Steve accidentally broke our point and shoot camera (it fell out of his pocket :( and so there will be no more videos for now. Sad day. I'm not mad. Goodness, I break so many things. Just disappointed I can't make any videos!

*Cole has gotten is two bottom teeth, his vampire teeth (I think) and he's getting his two front top ones!! All in two weeks!!!! Ahhhhh. He's been a little cranky. But still cute. Of course :)

*Because he's teething, he follows me around the house everywhere trying to bite/suck on my bare feet. Seriously! It's funny and irritating all at the same time! I don't want my feet in his mouth. He seems to do it most when I'm doing the dishes: when my feet are in one spot for a long period of time. Clever kid. Maybe I'll get a video of it....(on my phone)
He recently did it to one of our guests we had over for dinner. That's right. We were sitting at the dinner table talking when our guest suddenly yelped! We looked under the table to see Cole's innocent little face looking back at us ;)

*I have 3 photoshoots this weekend. THREE!! Busy, busy.

*I forgot to make a wish today (11/11/11) at 11:11 am. :( And that's why I'm setting the alarm on my phone for 11:11 pm this evening. My last shot! I'm pretty sure my wish is 11 times more likely to come true because of the date....

*Steve either has allergies or he's had a serious cold for at least a week straight now. I feel bad for him :(

*I've been having lots of fun spending my birthday gift card from Steve's parents. (thank you!!!) Yesterday I got two cute tops and 2 sets of earrings all for $10. Pretty awesome right?

*Only 6 weeks til Christmas!!! 5 until we leave for Washington! YAY!!!!!


  1. Those are some fun happenings - well most of them. Cole biting your feet cracks me up! Annabelle likes to bite toes too. And I'm sorry about your point and shoot :( That's a major bummer!! Three photoshoots? Wow!! Busy girl. I have my first "real" photoshoot next w/e. I'm super nervous. Five weeks til Christmas :D YAY.

  2. I've never heard of a baby crawling around and biting people's feet!
    Good luck on your photoshoots today.