October 23, 2011

Decorating for Fall

I've really been on a decorate-with-food kick lately.
Probably because I don't have much of a sense of decorating and food is just...easy. But I wanted to do something for Fall!
I saw this pin on Pinterest and I thought it was so pretty and I wanted to do something similar.
Luckily I had a little basket tucked away somewhere and a bunch of apples in the fridge so I could :)
And then I bought little squashes and pumpkins and lined them up on along the counter, on top of the fridge...I love fall colors!
And the last picture, the jars, I need to figure out something crafty to do with them! I've seen a bunch of ideas on Pinterest, but I want the perfect craft! And something Christmas related. 
Any ideas, friends?!? :)
My jar collection just keeps growing!


  1. So so pretty, Lu! Love your fall decor :)

  2. so festive!
    and i love mason jars.
    i can't really think of any ideas off the top of my head... i might have some pinned away.
    i will let you know if i find anything. :)