October 15, 2011

Cole Update!

Cole is five days away from being 10 months old!!

Here's some things he's learned and what he's been up to:

Kind of. He still drags his belly on the floor a bit. But it doesn't really slow him down and he gets into everything!!

That's right, we take him to yoga with us. He crawls around in the back and watches the class do crazy yoga poses. I think he thinks it's funny :)

He learned to point and points at everything. I think it's so cute :)

In theory, I exercise 5 times a week:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning, we go on a walk on the new trail with our friend April and her kids.
Thursday we do yoga.
Saturday I jog in the morning.
But this is only in theory, and in reality, I work out, ummm, probably about 2 times a week.
Cole likes the walks though, so I really need to do that more :/

And last week, Steve and I traded off going to the temple so Cole got to spend a lot of time playing in the grass by the temple :)

I recently posted some cute pictures of him with apples on my photography blog which you can check out HERE.

I can't believe he will be ONE in two months!!!!!


  1. He is too cute! I love your stroller too. I am a big fan of polka dots. And if you ever need a babysitter while you go to the temple, I would love to watch him! We aren't too far from there. =)

  2. Lauren, I love him! He is just so precious. And I looove that he points! Ahh. How adorable. He's such a little smarty. And a yoga boy too? He's perfect :)

  3. He is so beautiful! I love that you bring him to yoga!

  4. Happy 10-months Cole! How fun is he!! growing up so fast :) I love that he points at everything, that little finger is too cute! And What a cute little yoga buddy! Brooks thinks my exercises are funny too, laughed and tries to join me which helps it be more entertaining for me...win-win! ;) And how awesome that you take him to the temple and switch Steve to go in...I just told Adam that you guys did that and we're excited to follow your lead! :)

  5. Love all the pictures. What a cutie!