October 7, 2011

Waffles on a Friday morning

My mom sent us their old waffle maker in the mail and I've been happy as can be to have it!
I don't normally make waffles just for myself on a Friday morning, but Steve was already at school and we're running out of food in our house since I haven't been grocery shopping in like 2 weeks. We haven't had time and I hate going by myself.
But luckily we have looots of Bisquick so since that was pretty much my only option for breakfast, waffles were the winner :)

I did, however, switch these waffles up a little bit.
I don't know if you can tell in the pictures, but do they look kind of brown? Don't they kind of look like they're whole wheat waffles?
Well, they're not.

I made them with unsweetened chocolate almond milk! Yum!
Honestly, they don't really taste like chocolate but they do smell like chocolate which makes them fun :)

So, no, they're not wheat.
No, they're not really healthy (except for maybe the flax as an egg substitute)
They're just chocolate :)


And I thought that I would suggest watching this video called "Food Matters."
Emma posted it on her blog yesterday. Steve and I watched it last night and loved it!
It's a video about "The 'scoffed at' solution that can prevent and treat most diseases." 
It talks about how important the food we eat is. "We are what we eat."
I feel like half the things they talk about in the video are things that Steve has been telling me ever since we've been married. He is a nutritional science major after all. 
So, if you have time, watch this documentary. It's a little over an hour long but it will only be available to watch for free online until tomorrow! After that you have to buy it for $10!
It might seem kind of silly of me to push watching this healthy food video after posting about chocolate almond waffles, but hey! at least it's almond milk and not soy! I've recently learned that soy really isn't all that great for you. And at least it's unsweetened, right?!! :)
Anyway, click HERE to watch it!


  1. YUM! I want some waffles. I forgot I put that on our wedding registry, hopefully someone buys it ;)

  2. YUM! Those waffles look amaaazing... I want some.

  3. I love that documentary! Showed it to my class this semester.

  4. the food andrew eats makes a huge difference in his behavior. processed sugar in his system is never good. almost anything sugary and store bought affects him way more than any cookie or brownie i make at home with organic evaporated cane juice. sounds crazy, but i tell you, it really makes a difference. good luck with making better food choices!

  5. I love Food Matters. And those waffles look delish!