August 31, 2010

End of SuMmEr!

Steve has finally finished summer sales and a couple weeks ago we were able to move into our new apartment which is closer to the chiropractic school. We love our new apartment! It's in a cute little neighborhood and it just feels homey :) After Steve finished work, we had a whole week to get settled into our new apartment. We put pictures on the wall and decorated. We actually felt like we were on our honeymoon again: we had all day everyday to do whatever we wanted! So fun!

Steve finally got a little desk where he can do his homework. Yay! He's been needing once since we got married!

Here's our cute little dining room. I think that the red plates in the background are so cute! My mom gave them to us :)

Close up of the plates. Love them. Thanks mom :)

My mom has actually been very busy lately. She's given us so many things! First and foremost, she sent us our wedding gift which we got just in time for our anniversary. Definitely the most amazing gift I think I've ever received. Take a look at THIS:

Look at this amazing quilt! My mom made it! I wish I had a better picture of it, closer up that shows the details. This one will have to do until we get back to Texas and can take another picture of it. But we love it! Now we just need a room that is fancy enough to put this quilt in :) Thanks again mom, you're the best!

My mom also sent a glass bowl and plate that were given to me as a baby, and now I get to pass them on to little Parkster! And she also sent a cute white maternity shirt which I don't have a picture of yet either. In a couple weeks I think I'll fit it better :) 

While on our little "honeymoon" we decided to go to the Nature and Science museum downtown Dallas a couple Saturdays ago with Craig. He took this picture of us:

We've just been having a blast :)

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