May 12, 2010

A New Life!

Well, we have now been in Texas for almost two weeks! And life is completely different for the both of us.

I said goodbye to Sewell Direct, where I worked for close to 4 years!
                                                                      "Farewell Faxer"
This is the goodbye cake my co-workers made me. Cute, hu? For the first couple years I worked there, they nicknamed me "faxer" because when I they offered me the job after my second interview, the supervisor asked me to fax back a certain form they'd given me to fill out. And I replied "Oh, I don't have a faxer...." HA! Can't say I'm all that embarrassed about my response since in German they are called "Faxer" and I'd only been in the United States for like a month at this point. And besides, we also say print-er, scann-er(not print-machine or scan-machine). After this incident, I learned that it's not called a faxer, but a fax-machine. They still decided to hire me but called me "faxer" for years. Even though I never referred to a fax-machine as a faxer ever again.

So, now that I've said goodbye to Sewell Direct, I no longer have a job: change # 1.

Change #2: Steve and I both GRADUATED! We took a TON of pictures (like everyone else so I don't feel so bad;)

Emma took most of the pictures :) Thanks for coming and thanks for the presents!

I like this one...with the Y in the background!

Poor Grandpa is in the shadow and we didn't even know it. Thanks for coming Grandpa :)


Steve's family was there too. Thanks for coming, guys!

Me and my mom. I think this is a cute picture of both of us :)

and this was like the first time I'd seen Connie in like 2 months. And it was also the last time I'll see Connie in who knows how long!!!! :(

And just a few more pictures.....

Can't forget the diplomas. Not really the real thing, but it's nice they give us something to show off.

                                                                        And there's mine..

And my Linguistics friend, Geneva. (she took Welsh, too!)

Yeah, I pretty much made sure I was in ALL of the pictures. subconsciously of course. Except, look at this...
Ok, I don't know what to think of this picture! As all the grads were sitting in the bleachers waiting for our grand entrance, I was having a conversation with my friend Abbey (sitting next to me) and then we realize the other girls were taking a picture and Abbey thought it would be funny to sit in on the picture. I didn't really think that I was in the picture, but there I am, with a cheesy smile, totally out of place. I hope the girl doesn't hate us for ruining it! Oh well. It's not so bad. Right??????? I saw this pic on facebook, it's the only reason I have it. They didn't even tag me. Oh boy......:S

Moving on...I'm enjoying this change # 2. No school. What a wonderful feeling. I can spend my time doing whatever in the world I want to. Whatever I want, whenever I want. It will probably get old soon here, but it hasn't hit yet. :)

No school, no job...We also said goodbye to family :( Change #3

And friends:

And then after all this, we moved to Texas! Change #4

Everything's so different! It's a new life!!


  1. That is seriously a lot of changes! :) Miss you!

  2. We'll miss you guys, but isn't it fun to be starting "fresh"?

    And yay for no school! Justin is enjoying the same empty schedule. (Although I have put him to work on finishing the basement.)