April 21, 2010

Going All Out

..For graduation!!

First of all, Emma graduated from LDS Business College last week. Go Emma!
                                  If you look closely you can see Emma and her friend, Adeline.

My mom arrived for both our graduations last week and we've just been having a party while she's here.
                                                                   cute picture, guys!
                                               I was there of course and Grandpa came too :)

This week for FHE we hiked the Y. My mom had never done it before and neither had Steve, so we decided to do it to get us in the mood for graduation...which is tomorrow!!!

                                                    Here we are, just starting off the hike.
                  There's my mom sitting on the Y. The hike's a lot longer than it looks like it's going to be.
                                                            Here I am, posing on the Y :)
                                        and it was practically dark by the time we came down.

Today I got to pick up my cap and gown at the Hinckley Center on campus. I had never been in that building, and neither had my mom and so we took some pictures!!
                                            Super nice on the inside....These are for you, dad!!
                                                        Super nice on the outside, too.....
                                       And a picture in front of a picture of BYU campus. COOL.

Yesterday I finished my last final, today is my last day of work at Sewell Direct, where I've worked for a little less than 4 years! I already feel like a free woman now. Can't imagine how I'll feel after tomorrow when I'm an official BYU graduate too!!
And to all those who can come, Steve and I are having a graduation/goodbye party at Nielsen's Grove Park in Orem tomorrow at 6:30 PM. SO EXCITING!

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  1. Congrats to both of you! I am glad I finally figured out you had a blog! I wish we could come to your party tomorrow but we will be in NYC. I hope it is fantastic!