April 9, 2010

Two Weeks.

First of all, it's been about two weeks since the last time I posted. :S
Since then, Steve and I have been up to a lot.

I presented my senior thesis on "what makes a language prestigious" at the "mock" symposium and I think I did pretty well :) Again, thanks for participating in my survey. And now I need to write the paper. Oh boy.

Juliette was born! She's a beauty! And I will post pictures when I see her in only 2 weeks!

Steve's family came down for conference. Steve's grandparents got us pretty close up seats. I'd never been that close before! Thanks Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Charlene :)

We really enjoyed conference. Now we just have to finish reading the talks from 6 months ago before they publish the ones from this conference! Time just flies.
                                     Steve's extended family and us outside the conference center.
                                                           Us with Steve's grandparents.

We spent Easter with Steve's mom, Craig, Alyse and Benjo. We had a great time with them.
This is how we spent Easter day. Yep, watching conference on the laptop and all snuggled up on the floor. We have yet to buy a tv. Gotta pay the bills first!!

                                                   Our beautiful Easter dinner with family :)
                                        I loved having family around. Soon my mom will be here too!

                                                                 Steve made the roast.
                                            And I made the beautiful strawberry shortcake. :D
And Benjo went on an Easter egg hunt by himself. He has to remind everybody that he's only 11 and likes doing things that any normal kid likes to do since the rest of us are so much older than him. And so Steve hid the eggs for him. In really hard spots. Not.

 That evening, after Easter dinner, after watching conference and after Craig and Alyse left to go back to BYU-I, and while Steve was watching videos of giraffes fighting (seriously, watch this), I got cabin fever from being inside our apartment ALL DAY LONG. So, we went on a walk and

                                                              took more pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                   aww cute brothers :)

This past week I also had my Welsh choir performance. Welsh club is so cool and I have no idea how I became a part of the choir. haha. I have never been to Wales and I have no idea when I will go. But did you know that Catherine Zeta-Jones is Welsh? I didn't either! But Welsh is definitely rubbing off on me. I can't believe it but I dreamt in Welsh the other night!
                                                  (example of one of the songs we sang)
Thanks for coming Steve, Yvonne and Emma (and thanks for being my paparazzi, Emma ;)

And lastly, to sum up the past two weeks, we saw my Uncle Michael perform in the Encore ballroom performance tonight! They invited the alumni of the BYU ballroom company to celebrate the 50 years since it began!
                               He had a blast! And so did we. Thanks for inviting us, Uncle Michael :)

Now, in the next two weeks, I will be finishing my thesis, taking finals and graduating!!!! in exactly two weeks from yesterday.

How's that for an online diary ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love your updates. Benjo's easter egg hunt made me laugh, I can't believe you dreamt in Welsh, and that is SO awesome that Uncle Michael got to perform.

    Say hi to the Byers fam for me!

    See you soon! Love you. :)