March 6, 2010

Something for Saturday

 Here's a list of exciting things:

- I made it through the school week, ending today when I finished my Hum 201 test. 

- We ordered our caps and gowns!! Graduation is getting closer and closer...(April 22nd)

- I finally saw LaDawn again after 6 months! And it was like 6 months hadn't even passed. :)

- I now have my own daily meal planner. EMMA! I just text her to see what's on the menu and she sends me the recipe. Piece of cake. If any of you would like to have Emma as your own personal meal planner, you can text her at...ok, just kidding. Can't do that.

- I successfully made taco soup for dinner. Actually I don't know if you can really be unsuccessful at it. It's probably the easiest recipe ever. Even Emma liked it! ;)

- Steve got a new job! Halleluja!.

- My mom is coming on April 12th for our graduation! And then we're headed to WA to see Marie and the new baby who's due on March 24th. Can't wait to see my mom, Marie and  baby Juliet. :)

- Steve and I are getting excited about moving here:
Dallas, TX

Ok, we won't be living down town or anything but right now we're planning our preliminary trip to Dallas where we will tour Parker College of Chiropractic ( So far we're impressed with them because they're picking us up from the airport, putting us up in a hotel, having an agent drive us around to help figure out where we'll live. I guess they're just trying to help us save as much money as we can so that we can pay them tuition. Makes sense.

Now, I just have to figure out what I'm going to do when I get there. NBD, right? (guys, NBD= no big deal.)


  1. Dallas! Wow, congratulations :) Lance and I are considering Dallas right now too!!! Maybe we'll be neighbors!

  2. How exciting to have all these changes in your lives!

    As for the wedding cards, I was the same way. I held onto them for a couple years and the attachment faded away. It's funny how a year or two changes your feelings. :) For the ones that didn't mean much to us, I threw some away, or I cut some of the cute ones up to make wedding cards to give away. Just cut out a square around the cute part, and glue it to some new card stock. :)

    I still have a few that are extra-special to us in a sheet protector with all of the other wedding mementos.

    Or you could try something like this:

  3. I should totally text Emma to see what I should make for dinner. Good idea, haha.

    And that's so exciting that your mom is coming AND that you get to go to Seattle!!!! So so fun!!!! You're so close to graduation!!!

    And you'll have to make sure to tell me when your graduation is, like time and place and stuff, so I can come.