February 24, 2010

My own personal Linguistics tutor.

That would be my husband. That's what he referred to himself as when we were brainstorming together on how exactly I'm going to piece my senior thesis together. This Linguistics class is the last one that I have to take and then I'm done done done. And out of the 17 credits I'm taking this semester (that's by far the most I've ever taken at once so it's kind of a big deal to me) my Ling Senior Seminar is the only class that is stressing me out. That's not so bad for being a college student, I guess. Steve isn't really up-to-date on Linguistics issues but one thing's for sure, he's a good writer and he knows how to put an essay together!

Speaking of which, he's been applying for scholarships left and right, trying to make some money for Chiropractic school. Here's a link to one of his essays. He needs as many votes as he can get to win the scholarship, so if you want to take the time......
Click Here
If not, you can keep reading about the fun little get-together we had at our apartment this Sunday. It was like a cute little BYU 30th mini reunion. ;)
Here's a picture of the crew.
Thanks for coming Connie, Brad, Emma, Lakia, Deborah, Dave, Marissa and Cam! There were a few awkward conversations(!!), but all in all it was good to see everyone and eat tostadas on our laps!
And it was fun to chat with my sister Emma after almost everyone had left.
Girls picture. Thank you, Steve.

This week we're having Steve's mom and sister over for a couple of days! Fun! Yvonne's birthday is tomorrow, so Happy Birthday :)

And lastly, watch this. So funny.

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  1. Ummmmm yeah, awkward conversations is RIGHT haha but it was fun! And yummy. And I love that you added the "Steve and Lauren not sandals spelled wrong" hahahaha that's totally what I thought.