March 14, 2010

Lucky You Lucky Me

Steve and I got lucky this weekend when our friends Brandon and Mandy invited us last minute to spend the weekend with them at their parents' cabin up in Midway. We spent Friday night there and all day Saturday. It was super fun! We also went with Shaina and Cody, Brandon and Mandy's friends and I found out that Shaina is a long lost cousin of mine. We're at least distantly related because her maiden name is Allred too. :)

While on our mini trip we...

played couples games, thanks to Shaina's preparation :)

We played with isicles.

Here's Shaina posing as the White Witch.

We went sledding.

That's me!

 The boys.

We built a little snow ramp.

And we got our picture taken. Awww.
We also watched movies and did a lot of needed relaxing! We felt like we were on vacation. Now I just need to graduate and then I will be on vacation for the rest of my life!!!!!!! ;) jk.

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  1. Oh man that looks so fun! I was going to call you to go shopping on Saturday -- guess you wouldn't have been able to go anyway!