February 16, 2010

First Post EVER!

I decided to create a blog, so here it is! :)
Here's what's been happening in our lives. This past weekend was fun! Craig came down to visit us from Rexburg and we spent Saturday and Sunday with him.
On Sunday, for Valentine's Day, we made gingerbread heart and snowmen cookies with chocolate chip decorations! They turned out delicious and I know Steve and Craig had a great time decorating them ;) And these cookies were perfect because they didn't even call for eggs (Steve's allergic to eggs) and I used organic sugar. That way Steve had every reason to eat them!

 Then we got a surprise visit from Hideto, one of my students from last semester. He brought us a pink cut-out heart addressed to me and Steve with "Happy Valentine's Day" written on it and some candy. Sweet, hu? I told him he could stay and help us make the gingerbread cookies, but he needed to be off to deliver his other Valentines. And his English was great! Always nice to know as a past teacher of his :)
Here's a picture from our class Christmas party we had last semester. Hideto is in the bottom left.

Steve and I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday, on President's Day since we didn't have the time on Saturday or Sunday. After work and going to the gym, we drove up to West Jordan to our favorite restaurant, Johnny Carino's. It was super nice but on the way back, we stopped at the Costco in Murray (I think?) to get gas and we realized that there was a Johnny Carino's, right there off the freeway and we didn't even know it! So much closer! Oh well :) We have good memories at the one in West Jordan. Steve took me there on the day that he proposed to me! We've been married for six months almost! KARAZY! It was fun to talk about the past 6 months and our future together. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!


  1. i was gonna say! a little late don't you think!? hahaha.. just kidding. it's still winter, so i think you can justify that.

    regardless, i am so glad that you made a blog! now i can be updated about whats going on.

    AND hideto? i'm assuming his japanese. :)

  2. I found your blog...It only took me about every lett in the alphabet... We enjoyed meeting you last night. I can't beleive we are related!!!
    shaina and cody

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! :)

    I actually have two:
    tiffkeetch.blogspot.com is the family one, and supermama101.blogspot.com is the craft/home/activities one.