September 2, 2015

Thirty on the Thirtieth


Steve turned 30!! On the 30th of August!! So, knowing me, I take golden birthdays very seriously and I tried so hard to make this a special birthday for him. I invited all of his friends to dinner in Coeur d'Alene but I didn't want to just leave it at that, I wanted to do something extra special. So I told everyone that we would be going cliff jumping at this popular jumping spot not far from the restaurant. But as luck would have it, one of the craziest wind storms happened that afternoon and blew so much dust and smoke and whatever else into the air, cliff jumping just wasn't sounding appealing to anyone including me. I also had a special surprise planned for Steve beforehand which included the lake and getting wet but the wind storm ruined those plans too. (And Steve still doesn't know what the surprise is because I want to surprise him with it next summer or something!!)

So, it ended up just being dinner with friends and I brought "Nothing Bundt Cakes" with my own added golden sprinkles to share with everyone. Steve loved them because he requested them. And they really are so good!! Even the sprinkles were pretty tasty ;)

I had Steve open up that blow up golden crown as a gift while we were at dinner with our friends and I was so surprised that he kept it on! He actually loved wearing it haha. Deep down I think Steve really does love having some birthday attention ;) When dinner was all over, we decided that just him and I were going to go cliff jumping anyway. The storm had pretty much blown over by then anyway. We'd never been yet and I really wanted to make his day memorable. So we did it! We both only jumped in once and it was more like jumping off a rock than anything else, but who cares! I'm totally counting it and I know he'll never forget it. He hates being cold hahaha.

Happy 30th GOLDEN birthday Steve!!! I sure love you.

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