September 28, 2015

The beginnings of fall!


Our summer ended with two big trips back to back and now that we're home, it's nice to get back into the swing of things and back into our normal routine. That means we're back to exploring new places in our area! I was just talking to someone yesterday about how Spokane is very much full of hidden treasures. These places aren't things that you can look up on google, they're just things that you happen upon, or someone mentions to you..."You know what, you should check this place out..."

So, we found two new favorite spots these past two weeks. One is a quiet little park, right on the Spokane river in Post Falls, ID, only 10 minutes from our house. It's the perfect spot for throwing rocks, a favorite past time for my boys. And the other is Liberty Lake County Park, which we've been to several times, but we just came across the deck that takes you out onto the marshy area of the lake and has the most beautiful view of Liberty Lake. The boys love it and all the trails to walk through and the deer practically walked right up to us. Cole thought it was awesome but Logan was terrified, and so was I haha.

After such a hot summer with all the wildfires and smoky air, the cooler weather is such a welcomed change. Not to mention, I love cold weather clothes so sooo much better than my summer clothes :) I went through all our clothes and put the summer ones away, and pulled out their cold weather clothes. It's so fun seeing Logan in all of the clothes that Cole used to wear when he was his age. Cole seemed so big back then but Logan still seems so small to us! Funny how that works.

This fall we are excited to get our hands on some of those dang famous pumpkin doughnuts up at Greenbluff, and all the Halloweeny stuff too. I am such a sucker for Halloween :)

Happy beginning of fall, everyone!

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