April 8, 2015

Liberty Lake, WA


Liberty Lake County Park is where it's at! From Labor Day to Memorial Day you don't have to pay to get into the park, so today we went there with some friends. We stayed for over three hours! We are so lucky that we live just minutes from the park. We packed a lunch, played on the playground and pulled out the sand toys and let the boys play on the beach.

At first I stood with Logan right by the shore since he loves to throw rocks/sand into the water. I tried to keep him from getting his shoes wet but then I just gave up and thought Who cares if he shoes and socks get wet? He wasn't getting all the way into the water so I thought I was safe with letting him do this. But slowly he got wetter and wetter and started walking into the shallow water more. When the water was up to his shins, I pulled him out and brought him back to the blanket where our things were and started packing everything up to leave. Before I knew it, he was running back towards the shore and ran his whole body into the water! I came running after him but I was too late. He was completely sopping wet. I brought him back to the blanket as he cried from being so cold and stripped him down and wrapped him in blanket to warm him up. Soon he was smiling again. I think he actually liked the thrill of it ;)

A very similar thing happened to Cole just a couple weeks ago. He went charging into the river bank fully clothed and I almost had to go in after him since the water got so deep so fast! When I asked him why he did that he told me "Mommy, I forgot I was wearing clothes." Okaaaaaaaaay. Since this has happened to both of my boys now within a few weeks of each other I'm wondering: Is it me?! Am I a bad mom for letting them get so close?! Or do I just have daring kids who aren't afraid to get wet?! Haha. I'm going with the latter.

Happy Spring, everyone! Go jump into a freezing cold body of water. Apparently my kids love it ;)

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