December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas.


+Cole's snowman Chritsmas craft (which I probably did about 80% of ;)

+homemade potpourri!! It doesn't look as great as it smells!! All it is is cut up oranges, cinnamon, allspice and vanilla extract. Add some water and bring it to a boil! Mmmm. It sure makes the house smell like Christmas.

+white chocolate dipped ginger snaps! I might have gone a little overboard photographing these babies but they were just so pretty and more importantly, they are SO GOOD. You can find the recipe for it HERE. I've seriously never tasted better :) Cole was supposed to help me make these but all he felt like doing was measuring the baking soda for me and then he was done. haha. This boy does not necessarily like to bake or craft as much as I try to get him to do it ;) We left these cookies out for Santa to eat, Cole was excited about that.

+And my boys matching in their Christmas jammies! I thought they looked so cute in them! Cole is actually completely obsessed with wearing pajamas lately. It is all he wants to wear! All the time! And it drives me a little crazy. The minute we come home from somewhere, he immediately takes off his clothes and puts on his jammies. And even when we go to Steve's parents, he likes to wear his jammies underneath his clothes so that he can just take his clothes off once we get there. Half the time it's a battle even getting him to put clothes on before we leave the house and it's getting exhausting! I'm just hoping this is something he grows out of haha. But all of this was to say that I think those striped Christmas jammies and those gray slippers were one of his favorite presents this year!

And here's few from my phone for good measure! :)

We're lucky enough to spend Christmas with ALL of Steve's family this year...which hasn't happened for 4 years! That means family pictures were in order today! At the end of the marathon photoshoot we snuck this one with my phone :) Christmas has always b
^^Family picture time!! I'm lucky I get to call those good-looking boys mine :)^^
This is why baby Jesus is always the first to go missing! (He's my favorite too :) #merrychristmasUntitledUntitled
^^My cherry red lips and his cherry red nose ;)^^
UntitledSuccessful Christmas morning ✨😘Untitled
^^Steve MADE them this hockey net for Christmas! He was so excited about it, it was so cute. The boys loved it too :)^^

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