December 20, 2014

Happy fourth birthday, Nicholas Stephen!


Oh Cole. Where do I start?! I guess I'll start with these pictures: You are the most adorable, handsome little boy. Sometimes I look at you and can hardly believe that you came from me. I never ever in my life thought that I'd have such a beautiful boy as my own son. Gosh, I love you ♥

Looks aren't everything though, of course I know that :) You are such a good boy too. A genuinely good boy. You are our first child and so daddy and I are still trying to figure out the best parenting style for you. So when you act out or misbehave, we blame ourselves. We know deep down that you are a very sweet boy. You love your little brother. You love to play with friends. You love all sports and being active. You don't like baking or crafting anymore (tear!). You love to tell me that you love me and you look up to daddy so much. I think you can't wait to be just like him some day. One of my favorite things that you do right now is when you snuggle me at bedtime, look me deep in the eyes and say "Mommy, you're the best." I don't know where you learned that phrase from but it melts my heart ♥

Being a good example and a leader to your little brother is what motivates you. Us telling you that your muscles will grow big and strong motivates you to finish all of your dinner ;) You can't wait to be tall and to be a "man" :) You're even looking forward to growing hair on your arms and legs! Ha!

I'm so lucky to be your mama and can hardly believe I've been doing this mom thing for 4 years now. Happy Birthday, Cole! You make me a very happy mama :)

He's less than a week away from turning four! I can hardly believe I've been doing this mom thing for that long. ❤️I am not one of those super cute pregnant girls and I'm definitely not one of those girls who's super cute right after giving birth (kudos to you if you are!!) but I still love this picture probably because I didn't even know it was being taken. I was hol4 year olds don't get much cuter than this. Happy birthday, Cole! I love you ❤️

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