November 25, 2014

A very foxy first birthday party!


I decided on a fox themed party because my mom sent Logan his birthday present in the mail a few weeks ago and when we opened the package there was the cutest fox pillow and then a fox beanie with some fox mittens inside. So it just dawned on me that we needed to do a fox party! Logan is born in the fall and foxes seem to be a very fall-like animal :) Not to mention I found this fox cake on pinterest and I knew that I wanted to copy it! I also got the fox cupcake idea off of pinterest but just sorta tweaked them and made them with wafer cookies for ears and real frosting instead of fondant. (because ew, fondant is gross! ;) I think mine turned out cuter anyway!

Making the cake and the cupcakes was probably the funnest thing for me. I remember thinking while making them Now this is what makes being a mom so fun!  I'm lucky to have two of the cutest munchkins to plan parties for!

I planned to have his party a whole week before his actual birthday because we're going out of town to visit Marie and her family for thanksgiving and I knew that once we got back it would be December already. And I knew once December hit, if I hadn't had a party for him it just wasn't going to happen! But skipping a FIRST birthday party would be so sad! So he will actually turn one on Sunday and I will probably post more pictures then too ;)

We had a few friends and Steve's family come for cake and ice cream. It wasn't too huge but our house isn't huge either so with all the kids running around it was a little crazy. Logan (and Cole too) loved it! Logan always wants to be in the middle of the action, even if they are much much bigger than him. When we sang him happy birthday, he was wide eyed, not sure what was going on. But when I gave him his cupcake, there was no hesitation. He devoured the entire thing! So unlike how Cole was when he turned one! (click here to see his first birthday monkey party post!)

Happy birthday Logan! How we love you SOSOSO much. I can't believe my baby is (almost) ONE!

And here's the invitation I put together and then just texted this image to people. I found the fox and mushroom icons free to download on pinterest so download them I did! It was super easy to put together and I thought it turned out cute :)


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  1. So so so cute Lauren! I can't believe Logan is one already - this past year has flown by. I am so thankful you keep up your blog so I can see and read about you & your adorable family! Love you!