June 30, 2014

Seven months old!


My beautiful boy is seven months old. Sometimes I look at him and wonder how I got such a beautiful little thing?

Seven months has been kind of big for him! He finally started crawling on his hands and knees (he's pretty fast at it too!)and once he started that he almost immediately after started pulling himself up on everything! And now he even can balance on his two feet without holding on to anything for a couple of seconds straight! It's so wild to me because after watching some old videos of Cole when he was this age, I realized that Cole pretty much didn't move at all when he was seven months old. Ha! Every baby is so different!

Logan is a very happy baby! Lots of people comment on it because if almost anyone looks at him and talks to him he will almost always smile back. He loves to be talked to! He also loves to be around other kids!

This month I've started to notice that Logan actually does have very long, very thick and very curly eyelashes! It makes me giddy just thinking about it; it is so dang cute! They're just not as easy to see since they're blonde but still. So cute ;) His hair has also gotten a little bit curly on the sides! Eeek!! I might just have a blondie with curly hair!! How adorable would that be?! And if that were really the case, I don't think I would ever be able to bring myself to cut it. Ever. (Ok Steve? Never!) haha :)

This month Logan has also gotten very vocal. When he gets excited he squeals and screams (he does that when he's mad too;) and he thinks big brother is pretty much hilarious. He also likes to flail is arms in front of him when he's excited. I love it :)

I love this beautiful boy so much and thank God for letting him be a part of our family every day. Happy seven months to my sweet boy!

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