February 20, 2014

S n o w.


Lots of it!

I could be totally wrong but I think the major snowfall we had a couple weeks ago was the last of the season. (Isn't that right, Spring?!) Cole loves snow and I've always loved it too; I think it's so pretty. But we're craving warming weather...not gonna lie.

But Cole had a blast going sledding a couple of times. Technically this was his second time sledding in his life, but I counted it as his first because last year when we went he didn't like it at all and I'm pretty sure he didn't remember it either but this time he actually liked it!

Once when I was putting him to bed he told me that he wanted to make a snow angel! I had no idea he even knew what that was so I guess it's on the list of snow activities to do next time it snows! A snowman should probably be put on that list too...it was just too powdery for a snowman I think. So powdery that when Cole started playing in it the first time, he asked me jokingly: "Hey mom, is this sugar?! Um nope, it's snow!"  He said it all in one sentence before I had a chance to answer his question. I think that counts as the first joke he's ever cracked?!

Ha, silly boy. ;)


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