February 10, 2014

Logan and me.


I made Steve take these pictures of me and Logan on his two month birthday and I love how they turned out! He looks like me, doesn't he? Sometimes when he looks at me I feel like I'm looking back at myself and it's the weirdest sensation. I never felt that way with Cole! I always thought Cole was way too cute to be true but I never thought he looked like me. I would have had Cole come get in these pictures too... but you know, he's three and kind of impossible to take pictures of these days.

Either way, family pictures are in order since we haven't taken a single picture of the four of us since Logan was born. Yeah....gotta get on that!


  1. Wow, Lauren. These are gorgeous!! I love every single one them and especially that last one. You are so beautiful. And your boys are so lucky to have such a beautiful mother!!