March 22, 2013

You are my wild.

dino1dino2dino3playing with dinosaurs 3IMG_8341dino4playing with dinosaurs 33dino6IMG_8367IMG_8362IMG_8369

Inspired by this photo blog called You are my wild, I decided to capture some of our own wild moments that take place right here at home, courtesy of Cole. This time it was him playing with his toys on the table with him climbing on and off the table and jumping up and down on the table. If that isn't wild then what is, right?! :)

You might have heard of this "You are my wild" thing already, and quite honestly, I wish I could be part of it ;) But maybe I'll have my own "wild" series on the blog, or maybe we can wait til Lissie gets married and has kids and start one between me and my three sisters?! How much longer is that anyway? You know, til Lissie gets married?!

{just kidding mom} :)

March 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday


He had just woken up from his three hour nap.
He's wearing nothing but a diaper and he's eating chips in our bed.
Naturally, I made a video of it ;)

ps, it's a long one.

March 12, 2013

A U S T I N: Texas State Capitol

IMG_7712IMG_7685family trip to AUSTIN1IMG_7738
IMG_7921family trip to AUSTIN5IMG_7774IMG_7770family trip to AUSTIN6IMG_7948
IMG_7792family trip to AUSTINIMG_7798family trip to AUSTIN4IMG_7862IMG_7820family trip to AUSTIN8IMG_7880IMG_7884IMG_7885

So we went to Austin. And it was pretty awesome. Everyone seems to rave about Austin and I kind of understand why now. It is soooo different from Dallas.

The first thing that I noticed was that the roads are wayyy nicer than they are in Dallas. Not sure why, but they just are! And also the traffic doesn't get nearly as bad which automatically gives Austin like 10 points. Traffic in Dallas is the worst! The second thing I noticed was that even though this is the capitol of Texas we're talking about, Austin isn't nearly as huge as Dallas either. I never really understood just how big Dallas was until I went to Austin. Austin is a big city, Dallas is wayyy bigger.

The highlights:
+They weren't joking about those food trucks! There are so many of them there; I'm so glad that we had amazing weather so we could actually enjoy eating outside :) "Gourdough's" was recommended to us and so we tracked down that tiny food truck and made sure that we tried it. I don't know what I was expecting; I guess just a regular donut, but these donuts were so amazingly delicious, Yvonne and I couldn't stop saying how amazing they were as we ate them! Yvonne kept saying "It's like sin. It's like eating pure sin!" haha, yeah. They were that amazing. And that's why this post deserves two pictures of them ;) Yvonne got the "Son of a Peach" and I got "Miss Shortcake" and I think I would get that one every time. Wow. A whole paragraph about a donut ;)

+My long time good friend Regina just recently moved to Texas! Of all places! And so we were able to meet up one evening and have dinner. It was so fun seeing her. And it was so crazy to think about how we both live in Texas now! We've known each other since we were 12 years old, she helped me learn German (big time), we had many sleep overs, we were best friends! And growing up in Germany we never thought we'd both end up in Texas one day, at the same time no less. I was so happy to see her and her sweet hubby for the evening, even if we did accidentally end up eating at probably the most expensive Italian restaurant known to man. That's what I get for not looking at the menu before walking in. It was a tiny hole in the wall, well so it seemed from the outside, and our waiter did not seem to like us much. Yvonne was so sweet and paid for it all. We owe her big time.

+The fact that Yvonne was able to be there with us was awesome. She spoiled. us. rotten. And we absolutely loved  it :) It was fun shopping with her (she got me that new leather jacket I'm wearing. thank you! I love it!) and driving around the city while Cole took his naps in the car and while Steve was at his seminars during the day. We spent a good chunk of time at the Wholefoods flagship store. That place attracts exactly two types of people: the ones who have dreds and tatoos and look like they woke up at 3 in the afternoon, and then there's the ones who live in their yoga pants. They look so done up and cute in their yoga pants it's hard to believe that they actually do yoga. Never in my life have I seen so many yoga pants all in one place!

+I wasn't joking when I said Cole is attached to that puppy. It went e v e r y w h e r e with us.

+This isn't really a highlight, but we were grabbing some things at Walmart on one of the days we were there and as we checked out, the cashier didn't put our items into a plastic bag. She explained to us that the city of Austin had passed a law that very day which banned all plastic grocery bags. And sure enough, we looked around and every isle was out of bags and all the customers were carrying piles of their purchased items in their hands. We were like ok, whatever and started walking out when we saw a pile of paper bags so we went to grab one when a worker said, "um sorry you have to purchase those." So all I'm trying to say is that if you ever visit Austin, bring you own bags!!!

I don't know when or if we will ever go back, but I'm just happy to have been able to go. I felt like it was sort of a necessity to at least visit the capitol of Texas once before we move away. How can we live in Texas for nearly 4 years and not see the capitol? Yvonne is already making plans of going back and if she really does, I will totally join her. Mainly because I want to get another one of those donuts......;) yum.

March 9, 2013



It kind of cracks me up but that "puppy" and those "monies" get some serious special treatment. Ever since my mom sent those sock monkeys in the mail, he likes to tuck {all five of them} in bed with him for nap time, and he makes sure {all five of them} fit in the stroller with him on walks. He especially loves the "baby" one.

And the puppy? Well he was taken on the trip to Austin with us and somehow gets to go on all errands. He seems to go everywhere with us! I've caught him a couple times in the car looking his puppy deep in the eyes, whispering something to him and then giving him a kiss :) This is a recent attachment and I'm curious to see how long it lasts. I hope a long time because I think it's cute, obviously ;)

March 4, 2013

"Mommy friend"


Tonight as I laid down with Cole to put him to bed, he was still reading his book, talking to himself and I was just lying there, looking at the ceiling, thinking. Suddenly I realized that it was quiet so I looked over at him to find that he was staring at me with a cute smile on his face. We smiled at each other for long seconds; he was looking at me just as he looks in the picture above :)

And then he pointed to himself and said "friend?" [Lately he has been calling all kids "friends" because he loves to play with his friends!]
"Yes," I said. "You're my friend!"
Then he pointed to me and said "Friend? Mommy friend?"
"Yes! I'm your friend too!" I said.
He then looked at me some more with that loving smile and said "I luh you, mommy."

And I about died. This conversation happened more than once too! It happened like three times while I was lying there with him tonight. That little boy loves me. It makes me feel good. He knows I love him and he loves me too. It makes me feel like I'm a good mom :) Lying with him every night until he falls asleep is definitely time consuming but it is totally worth it and I will cherish these moments with him forever.

A U S T I N : phone pic edition


I never know how many pictures I've taken on my phone until I go to instagram them and then I'm like: wait, that's way too many ;) So here they are, all the pictures I took on my phone when we were in Austin last week! (Also, there's no pictures of Steve because he was at his seminar all day!)

+hotel room time
+Austin city skyline
+views from Mount Bonnell Park
+Texas State Capitol!
+Wholefoods flagship store
+playground in the city
+"Mimi" time
+lots of palm trees!
+Zilker Park
+Gourdough's donuts {wow}
+and a sleepy boy on our drive home