December 7, 2013

Hi Baby Logan!

Cole is a big brother now!! It's been fun seeing how he interacts with his new brother. There hasn't been any jealousy at all which has been nice. He always wants to know where baby Logan is and when he cries he talks to him the same way I talk to him. He says "Shhhhh don't cry, sweetheart." :) He's always calling him "cute" and asks to hold him all the time. I just love my boys so much. I can't believe I have two now! I'm so happy that they have each other as brothers ♥ And I hope they'll be best friends one day :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Lauren! That was sooo adorable. Gosh, that video is priceless. Your boys are so precious. And I loved the way Cole played with Logan's face. Haha. Such cuties!!