September 17, 2013

Steve turns 28!

^^taken outside of Johnny Carino's^^

On Friday, August 30th, Steve turned 28 years old! I tried to make the day itself special for him but Steve has been so busy at his internship at the VA, I think he just wanted to come home and sleep! I did make him lemon cupcakes from scratch (something I found off of pinterest ;) and a little Happy Birthday banner that's still hanging up in our living room 3 weeks later :) We're both so bad about celebrating anniversaries and birthdays; I really tried to put some effort into making the day special!

We ended up going out to eat at Johnny Carino's, our all time favorite restaurant. We're going to miss it when we move away! Steve normally doesn't pay much attention to his birthday or how old he's turning, but as we ate dinner as a family, Steve talked about how excited he was to finally be turning 28 years old! Steve has had his life planned out since he was like 14 years old and for the most part it's pretty much gone according to plan. He's known since he was 14 that he wanted to be a chiropractor and at that young age he figured out how many years of schooling he would need: 4 years undergrad plus a 2 year mission, and then 3 and a half years of grad school which would make him 28 by the time he finally finished school! It's kind of amazing that he's still on track after all these years. He's just so happy (and I am too!) that the end of school is finally in sight: exactly 3 more months! We're just so ready to finally have the chance to make money and not live on student loans anymore.

Anyway, I'm glad we were able to celebrate Steve and his 28 years of life on his special day :) We might not have sung Happy Birthday to him or gotten around to eating his cupcakes after we got home from dinner because Steve passed out too soon ;) But at least we could spend the time together as a family talking about our future together. I love you, Steve. SO much! I'm so lucky to have such a loving, hard-working husband and I look forward to celebrating many more of your birthdays :)


  1. Sounds like he had a great relaxing day with yummy food at the end - that's always the best! :) And that is pretty amazing that he's known since he was 14 that his 28th year of life would be so monumental. Way to go, Steve! We're really proud of you guys!!