September 24, 2013

Nicholas Stephen at 2 years and 9 months


+He's currently living off of butter and bread. He asks for it for every meal. :/ (Although he is eating cheese in these pictures so I guess we'll add to the list: butter, bread and cheese.)

+Whenever I tell him "Good job, Cole!" he responds by saying "Thanks mom!" :)

+He loves to run. FAST! He literally runs circles in the living room and says "Look mommy! I fast!!"

+Still always naked. Always. But what's new?!

+Kisses are a cure all for him. If he ever gets hurt and starts crying, if I only give it a kiss he will immediately stop crying. He busted his lip the other day; it started bleeding and when he saw the blood he seriously freaked out! He begged me for a kiss and so I did, I kissed his bloody lip which was kind of gross to do but he immediately calmed down. It was cute and gross all at the same time ;) I'm just happy I have the magic touch :)

+He recognizes the letters in his name C-O-L-E and sometimes A and B too. :) And he can kind of count to 4. And then from 6 to 9. But he always messes it up going from 1 all the way to 10. Oh well, he'll get it :)

+He has ZERO interest in potty training :/ whyyyyyy?!?! He wears the football toilet seat we got him on his head like a hat if that's any indication of how not ready he is. I don't care that he's almost three and not potty trained; the age doesn't matter to me. I'm just plain old tired of changing diapers and I imagine I'll feel that way even more so when the baby comes.

+Only 3 more months til he turns three and 2 more months until the baby comes and he's no longer an only child! He's been so good with babies lately; he says "awwww" and calls them "cute." I think he's going to be a great big brother!

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