September 19, 2013

It must be a boy thing.

phone pics2

I watched one of my friend's little boy last week who is about the same age as Cole. He'd been over for only a little while when I let the boys play outside on the porch. I filled up Cole's little water guns and they ran around squirting each other and laughing their heads off. Before I knew it, they had taken their clothes off and were running around in just their diapers. Cole is pretty much always without clothes when it's just us at home; he loves to be naked all the time. So I wasn't sure if he had set a bad example for his little buddy! And I had even made an effort to make sure he was dressed before his friend got there! But when his mom picked him up and I told her about them only wanting to be naked, she said that her son too was constantly stripping. So, it must be a boy thing and I guess I better just get used to it because I'm going to have two little boys running around here soon :)


  1. Haha. I love naked babies!! And two naked boy babies sounds perfect :)

  2. I bet it's a Texas heat thing, too! Does he run around naked in the winter as well? I can see my kids wanting to do that if it were warmer here. :) Looks like he's having a blast with his little friend. I love, love watching my kids interact with their friends.