May 18, 2013

S u m m e r


Cole's been spending a lot of time in the kiddie pool lately. And I've been doing a lot of babysitting lately! The kiddie pool is triple as fun when friends are over because I'm pretty sure Cole thinks I'm pretty boring! He just doesn't understand that I'm too big to sit in it with him and splash around. Right?! Or maybe I really am boring ;)

Either way, Cole is going to love having Steve's family over just next week! He's going to love being entertained by them and playing with them. And I'm going to love having babysitters on hand all the time :)

And one more thing: today is my mom's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you so much :)


  1. Oh man, these pictures are so cute! And you're making me want to go get a kiddie pool asap. And his little girlfriend is darling!
    Yes, Happy Birthday, mom!!!

  2. That kiddie pool looks way fun. I think you should get in!

  3. He has your exact same belly button, I love it! Crazy that it's already practically summer again already, huh! In your case, I'm sure you're feeling the heat! :)

    1. He TOTALLY has my belly button! I kind of love it :)

  4. PRICELESS! Love the second shot, her face? TOO CUTE.