April 13, 2013

Waffles and whip cream and staying home.

waffles and whip creamwaffles and whip cream1

I haven't posted pictures of waffles in a while so I thought it was about time! Yes! We still eat waffles almost every day and Cole loves them now with whip "keen" on them.

This is every day life for us. Our mornings are always really quiet: because I hate waking up early and I hate having to be somewhere in the mornings. (8:30 am church is really killing me this year!) Cole and I will watch a show together (bad mom! I know!), he currently loves Curious George. Then we go on the porch and play basketball together, or really just shoot hoops. Whenever I make a basket, Cole yells out "NICE SHOT MOMMY!!!" really really loud. I always think, thanks sweetie, for believing in me ;)

He also loves to get Steve's golf clubs out and dump out all of his golf balls and hit them around the house. He always wants me to do it with him and it's probably my least favorite thing that he does because the golf balls get stuck under the couch and the fridge, and really, playing golf is just not my thing! Especially in the house!

After lunch, he goes down for a nap at around 1 pm and always sleeps til about 4 which is wonderful for the both of us :) Because most of the time I sleep with him! And when we wakes up, we leave the house for the park and/or library. The other day we left the house at 4 pm and had Steve pick us up on his way home from  the clinic at 7. He played hard for 3 straight hours!

Then we come home, make dinner, he plays with Steve for a good portion of the evening (this is when the neighborhood boys stop by to see if they can play basketball with them) and then we put him to bed at around 9 pm and we do everything all over again the next day. I love how the simplest, most redundant things make Cole happy. It's nice for me because I love staying home with him :)


  1. Your days have such structure, something mine are lacking. Minus the wake up and watch a show part. Haha. We do that too ;) Whoops. Cole is so cute with his waffles. I bet he'd like German pancakes with whipped cream too ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I kinda am envious of how peaceful your life sounds!

  3. So cute! I hope I am as organized as you are when I have kids. :)

  4. Such a nice schedule! I like how waffles are on the menu all the time!