August 11, 2012

Nighttime, lights and weekends

It's the weekend but this post is all about last weekend. Saturday we got a game of volleyball going in the pool at our complex. Actually, the boys played volleyball, I didn't. Instead I was chasing Cole around the pool as he would get in and out, in and out, throwing his ball around. He LOVES the pool and I finally got some footage of him "swimming" today which I'll post soon :)
But anyway, it was fun because a new neighbor that just recently moved into one of the apartments here, was at the pool while we were there and he was totally friendly! Not only did he pull out his big speakers and play some fun music (like Jack Johnson), but as it got later, he even got out a mic and pulled up karaoke on his phone! I wasn't brave enough to go up, but some of the other girls were!
And then, when it got dark enough, the colored pool lights came on (which I'd never seen before because we never stay at the pool that late..) and I joked about how Steve and I really throw a great pool party. Karaoke and L.E.D. lights in the pool? Totally cool ;)
It's only kind of funny because the time that we invited people over before to play volleyball, it was kind of a similar situation, except it was more like a college party with r&b and hip hop playing MUCH much louder and lots of dancing in (and out of) the pool. They were cool though. I don't think they'd ever been around so many babies at once. I'm talking like 3 babies in a pool at the same time and they were all completely fascinated and kept saying how much they wanted to have kids. {just get married first!!!}
I never realized that the pool at our complex was so hip on the weekends. One more thing to add to my list of "all the things we're going to miss when we leave Texas."

Sunday was obviously a lot quieter. It consisted of three things: church, naps, and a nighttime walk. And that's about it! We slept in til 11:30 that morning (halleluja for 1 pm church) since we stayed up til 2 am the night before (party animals!!!). And after church we all went back down for a nap and slept til 7:30 pm. We took Sunday as the "day of rest" quite literally last week. Not to be confused with laziness of course. I don't even remember if I made dinner or not. If I did, it was probably spaghetti and if we did have dinner we went on our evening walk afterwards, which I don't know that I want to do anymore since apparently Dallas county has declared a state of emergency when it comes to the West Nile virus. So creepy right? I hate mosquitoes. 

Good news, though. There's a deliciously yummy brownie peanut butter trifle recipe that we made for Bekah's birthday on the sisters blog!
Also, we're leaving for Washington in one week from today!!
And one more thing: Steve has gotten 100% on three of his final practicals! He's already one crazy good chiropractor :)


  1. 100% on all three finals! That sounds quite amazing! I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see the footage of Cole "swimming!"

  2. Way to go, Steve. And your pool party sounds awesome :):):) I totally wanna come for one. Can't wait to see you!!!

  3. Wow, you are the pool party pros. And, I'm anxiously awaiting the Cole Swimming video!