August 21, 2012

Coeur d'Alene

Ahhhh. We are on vacation in Spokane right now and yesterday we spent the entire afternoon at lake Coeur d'Alene and I was in heaven! We've somehow managed to come here every summer since getting married and I have no idea how we even did that. 
The water was the coldest water I've been in for a loooong time, but I still got in, more than once! We played ultimate frisbee right there in the water and the score was 5-0. (take a wild guess which team I was on.) Running around in water/sand is quite the workout! Cole hated the sand and therefore hated the water. He warmed up for about 2 seconds and then wanted out again so my anticipation of him being a fish in a real body of water was not fulfilled. He loved the seagulls though! He followed them around, trying to feed them the frisbee (I'm not sure where he was going with that...)
ANYWAY, I had this whole cute little video put together of our day at the lake and then before I could save it, Steve's computer died on me and I lost it and I was soooooooo mad. And now I will probably never ever put that video together ever again. So sad, I know, you will just have to picture footage of Cole running around, Steve and his dad and brothers playing ultimate frisbee, handstand contests, cartwheels, and Cole digging in the dirt. Yep!
I really like being on vacation here, seeing family, having a handful of babysitters on hand all the time and riding in the back seat with Steve by my side. :) 

ps, thanks to "Uncle Ben" for taking the pictures of me and Steve!


  1. Sorry about your video, but you have some great pictures here. Have a wonderful time.

  2. such pretty pictures, lauren! looks like so much fun.

  3. glad you're having a good time! looks beautiful :)

  4. I never saw this post!! What gorgeous pictures. I especially love that first one. Wow. You seriously have model feet :):)