December 9, 2011

More Christmas lights

More Christmas lights :) This probably won't be the last post about them either because we still have a little over two weeks til Christmas! That's a lot of time for lots more Christmas-y posts!
We have 10 days until we leave for Washington,
and 8 days until Cole's FIRST birthday bash!!
I went birthday and Christmas shopping for him the other day and I probably got him way too many things.
It's taking all of my discipline not to give him his toys already.
So, how do I decide what to give him for Christmas and what to give him for his birthday?
Anyway, I love this time of year! :)


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lu. And I can't wait for Christmas with our little babes :) So fun. And I can't wait to give Cole his presents!! And for their mini joint-party!! What did you get him??

  2. pretty pretty pretty! and cute videos of the tree! :)