August 2, 2011

A whole day at the gym

We spent the entire afternoon and evening at the activity center at Steve's school last Friday.
Steve had to work from 3 pm to 9 pm!
I did some yoga but mainly played around with my camera and took pictures of random things; I'm trying to get more and more comfortable with my camera so why not, right? :)

My baby :)

Some pretty chairs.

My shadow ;)

I love sun-lit leaves :)

The same leaves, at night:

Cole and I, in the girls locker room where I fed him.
Isn't he getting SO big?!

I also convinced some of Steve's friends to let me practice taking their picture, which they agreed to :) I posted some on my photography blog, which you can find HERE!


  1. Wow Lauren, I have to say you are very good at photography! I love the sunlit leaves! And Cole is getting SO big!

  2. The shadow pic is very interesting and original. I think it should be on the photography site!

  3. absolutely love the photo of your shadow :) And Cole is growing up and becoming quite the big boy SO fast!!