August 3, 2011

Mr. Smarty Pants

He found the calculator and played with it for HOURS.
And I might be biased, but I'm pretty sure this means my baby is a genius.
Now, he just needs to learn how to crawl. Or not. I kind of like having an immobile baby.
I know he wants to crawl, but he just doesn't get it yet. Which is fine with me for now :)

By the way, he's 7 months and 2 weeks now! Can you believe that?!


  1. Haha that's funny he likes that calculator so much! And I just love how they grab things with not only there hands... but there feet too! Maddy does the same thing! I cant believe he's 7 months! Oh my word! He'll be 8 in just a couple weeks!

  2. HA! he's definitely a little smarty pants :) Brooks is all about anything with buttons too...before you know it your little Cole will be making calls on you phone! ;)

  3. Just think how much fun he'd have if the calculator played music or games when he pushed the buttons . . . or maybe he's too genius for one of those baby computer toys!

  4. Haha -- soo cute! I love how he's holding it with his feet! Adorable. He's definitely a genius!

  5. Cole is too stinking cute!! He's a future mathematician!