June 1, 2011

You guessed it!

More flowers!!!!!!!

This time with Nicole and adorable baby Jett!

Look at that smile :) 

Before I could fly out to Seattle to see my sisters, I had to get Cole's birth certificate so that he could come on the plane with me. So, I drove out to where Nicole lives because that's where Cole was born and where I had to get the birth certificate. After I got it, we met up at a little park nearby. It just so happened that there was a field of flowers in the park and Nicole let me test out the camera on her and Jett! Thanks guys!!! 


  1. That last picture is sooo so adorable! Really great pictures, Lauren!

  2. I love them! Thanks Lauren! You captured the perfect smile in that last pic! Thanks again!!

  3. These pictures are so beautiful! The flowers make such a difference too :-)

  4. Such a cute smile on that kid! Nice job, Lu! :)

  5. These are great pictures Lauren. I love those flowers too. At first I thought they were pansies, and then the close-up looked like some sort of daisy. Are they more of the Texas wildflowers?