May 31, 2011

Some loving on Cole

It was a week ago today that I took a day trip to downtown Seattle with my sisters and their babies. 
Grandma Yvonne, Uncle Craig, Uncle Brandon and Uncle Ben decided to make a day trip too!! They drove 4 hours there and back to come meet up with us there in Seattle. It was Uncle Craig's 23rd birthday and these uncles were dying to meet their one and only nephew for the very first time!!

I'll probably never forget the first time they met Cole at the ferry station there in Seattle. It was very sweet :) You can just feel the love that they have for him! And I'm SO grateful that he will always have such wonderful grandparents and uncles!

Seriously you guys, you're the best!
We can't wait to see you again!!


  1. So glad they could meet him! He is seriously the cutest little guy. Ever. :)

  2. So so sweet. :) Cole is one lucky little boy!

  3. So glad they all got to meet Cole finally. He seems to fit right in with all those boys!

  4. Those pictures are so SO perfect!! the byers boys are awesome :) I have no doubt they're the sweetest uncles! How fun for you to get to see so much family on that trip :)