June 19, 2011

Steve's a good daddy

Yesterday when I came home, I saw through the window as I walked up to the door that Steve was dancing around the living room trying to keep Cole content while Cole looked up at him from his bouncer! It was a cute sight to see!

I'm glad that we got to celebrate his first Father's Day today. We didn't do too much; we just went to church and then relaxed at home and skyped with our families. For dessert tonight I made lemon bars but since I didn't have eggs, I substituted with flax!!! It was an experiment, really, but they turned out perfect! So if anyone was wondering, yes, flax will work as a substitute for eggs in lemon bars. In fact, I'm so pleased with how well they turned out,  I'm almost certain it will work as a substitute for scrambled eggs, too. ;) 

This father's day I'm grateful for my loving husband and for the wonderful father that he is! Cole and I really lucked out :) We love you :)
I'm also grateful for my own dad! He's always been so sweet and kind and loving. He always wants what's best for his kids and he's so willing to sacrifice for them. Thank you, dad, for the wonderful trip to Seattle! That meant a lot to all of us! I love you!!


  1. Happy Father's Day, Steve! Cute post, Lauren. And I love you too, dad.

  2. Aw, I can totally picture dancing around the living room. And all day long I've been thinking about our perfect dad. Seriously, how did we get so blessed?

  3. Ditto to E and M. And cute pictures of Steve and Cole!

  4. Love those pictures of Cole & Steve!

  5. what a great dad of Steve to get his dance on to make little Cole smile!! :) Glad you guys had a sweet, relaxing Father's Day :)

    And flax instead of eggs...awesome! it's been too long since I've had lemon bars :)