May 11, 2011

Warning: Scandalous!

Ok, not really scandalous.

Just some pictures of my husband showing off his muscles. Seriously.

He started a new workout routine and he said that he needed some "before and after" pictures. These are the "before" pictures. Maybe I don't need to clarify that.

He also said to give a shout-out to his family up in Spokane:

Hey guys. When you see him this August, you're not even going to recognize him!

Haha. I think that's mainly a shout-out to his brothers. Because the rest of them probably don't really care. 

So, there will be "after" pictures coming in August! The pressure's ON, babe!

Ok, I guess that's enough scandalous-ness.

And by the way, my mom clarified that story that I told about her yesterday. So check out the comments from the previous post.


  1. Will had me take before pictures before he began P90X...still haven't gotten to the after pictures yet. haha

    Good luck, Steve!

  2. Haha! Love the shout-out to his family :)

  3. That first picture made me laugh only because that is exactly how my husband likes to pose. Only, he not quite so muscular these days. :)

  4. Ha! Cute! I love the shout out!